“Dr. Vetter,
The cold laser has been amazing for Mercury! I need to send you a picture of him begging at the MudBay pet store for a snack by putting his front paws on the counter! He hasn’t done anything like that in a very long time… Also, today was his last cold laser treatment of the initial series…I definitely want to continue with the laser!”

“Betty is a 9 year old lab X. She has had a thyroid deficiency and contact dermatitis, both being treated, for many years.

When Betty took a turn for the worse, I called Foothills Veterinary as my vet had retired. Dr. Vetter agreed to see us that afternoon. Betty had been going downhill, she had no energy, wasn’t eating and her skin was deteriorating and she was scratching and biting constantly. We had resigned ourselves to putting her down.

However, Dr. Vetter thought we could do something for Betty. Tests revealed that she had Addison’s disease. She was given IV fluids, put on one round of antibiotics and encouraged to eat. Erchonia cold laser treatments were also started.

The medical treatment was short term and I’m sure beneficial, but I consider the laser therapy to have been the most productive therapeutic care she received. Her renal condition, her energy level, her skin problems improved dramatically. Her itching and scratching are now negligible and the bright red, scabby oozing areas of her skin are now scab free. Her coat is growing in full and healthy. All this I consider to be a result of the laser therapy.

When Betty and I come in for follow up laser treatments, the veterinary team speaks first to my dog, then to me when we arrive. Betty loves to go to Foothills and greets everyone wagging her tail and barking happily! I will always be grateful for their encouragement and concern, and of course their skill sets. I would highly recommend Dr. Vetter for any animal care needs you might have. It will be well worth your time.”

– Jill McDonald

“Thank you all for the care you gave to Abby. We miss her dearly every day but it is nice to know that there is such a wonderful place to come to when the need arises. (From an owner whose beloved older Lab damaged her back irreparably that we had to put down.) – Cathy Boyle

“Our lab, Becky is 8 years old. She puts more energy into eating than exercise. She also gets fatty lumps, one of which, at 12 oz., developed under her neck. It was huge and when removed, left a large incision. Dr. Vetter suggested that we use the laser to help with the healing. My husband was very skeptical, but once he saw how quickly her incision healed he was amazed! She got her stitches removed earlier than expected, her fur grew in faster and she went the entire recovery without that annoying cone on her neck. Becky’s before and after story is worth noting. She now wants to play more. She runs faster and bounces through the field like a bunny rabbit again as she did when she was a pup. She can jump higher again and overall seems likes she feels younger. The laser treatments also seem to have helped her joint inflammation and muscle tension. We tell all our friends about the laser and its healing properties and will recommend to any animal in arthritis pain, for surgery recovery or just to maintain a good quality of life!

Thanks Dr. Vetter and the Foothills team, you guys are AWESOME!! Woof Woof and thanks from Becky and family!

(This is an excerpt from a letter written to us, concerning Strut, an advanced level 28 year old dressage horse. Dr. Vetter identified a dental disease that others had missed over the years, that causes painful inflammation and systemic infection. All 12 of Strut’s front teeth were infected so they were all taken out. The following are his owner / trainer’s comments)

“It has been a month since Strut returned from your clinic where he had his dental surgery. Strut is sporting a “toothless grin”, but he is now very comfortably eating all his normal foods, including happily using his toughening gums like fingers to graze grass. His coat is glossier and healthier looking since the infection is gone. He’s using his nutrition differently.

After giving Strut 2 weeks off, I decide to ride him myself. Strut is a highly trained but aging, athlete, yet I found him to be surprisingly fantastic! Tensions he’d been showing for the last couple of years that I’d thought were there because “I just have to accept that he’s getting older” had melted. Once we’d warmed up, he easily did his shoulders in and half pass movements, loosening up, then went on to give me effortless flying changes, piaffe, passage, pirouettes and terre a terre. And I was in tears, both for sadness that I hadn’t been present to what he was fighting through for years and for joy that he’s so evidently clear of the pain and sickness of it now.

Kathy had told me that removing the infected teeth would turn his clock back five years. Five years? Maybe ten years younger, maybe more. He was as supple as a young horse. And playful and brilliant again. “Thank you” is just so inadequate to express the feeling I have about what you did for this truly marvelous old classical gentleman. But, as it remains all I can say… Hey, Dick and Kathy: thank you!”

– Mary Ann Campbell; Riding Academy at NSAE, Snohomish

Can’t say enough wonderful things about this group of people at Foothills Veterinary. Our Molly dog had surgery there a few days ago. I came to pick her up late that evening and she was laying at Doc Vetter’s feet behind his desk! I know whenever my animals are there they receive stellar care!

“My sheltie’s mouth smelled so bad that I had a fan going at night”
I knew he needed dental work and I chose Dr. Vetter as he has a special interest and training in veterinary dentistry. Dr. Vetter’s pre-anesthetic protocol was very careful in making sure that my dog was a surgical candidate. Pre-surgical blood tests uncovered an unknown heart problem that they needed to be aware of but that could be managed, so we went ahead with the dental.

The precautions that were taken with my sheltie were comforting, as was the knowledge that a competent surgeon and trained technician were doing the dental surgery on my dog.
All went very well, my dog is now his old happy self and his breath doesn’t smell anymore! He is a new dog!”

“I show dogs and my dog Wes is a field trial show Brittany. He had extensive, intricate surgery on his neck on July 2, 2012. I was chagrined that his neck hair had to be closely shaved off for the surgery, although we knew it was necessary. We also knew he would be out of the show ring for a minimum of 6 – 9 months waiting for the hair to grow back. After the surgery, in addition to his meds, Dr. Vetter prescribed cold laser therapy. We had never heard of this before, but we decided to go ahead with the 13 treatments. We are now firm believers of this innovative therapy treatment because of Wesley! The incision on his neck was not pretty and he had no hair. He also had a large surgery site that created a lot of healing, scarring tissue. Amazingly though, within 6 weeks, on Aug 18, 2012, we were in a large dog show and won Best of Winners without ANY indication of a shaved neck or a scarred surgery site. Just 1 ½ short months and all we can say is WOW!!
Thank you so much for not only performing the intricate surgery, but prescribing the cold laser therapy treatments. THANK YOU!

– Sincerely, Marilynne and Clem Little, breeders of Brittany show dogs.

“Our dog Champ got into some antifreeze late one afternoon. In my terror I called our regular vet to be informed that they were too booked to take Champ and to go 45 minutes to the local ER. I was terrified that was too far away. Being in the medical field, I knew that this had to be handled RIGHT AWAY, if we had any chance of saving Champ. I frantically proceeded to call 5 more vets to be told that they could not see him as he wasn’t a patient already and/or it was too late in the day and they were closing. I then called Foothills Veterinary in Buckley. They said to come immediately. When I got there they grabbed Champ and immediately started treating him. They stayed WAY past closing hours and everyone pitched in to save my dog. And the bill was just $100, which is not much! When I asked why they did what they did, they simply replied … “We just want to do the right thing”. This is the kind of place that cares more about actually caring for an animal than how much money they are going to make. Thank you so much guys for saving Champ. Bringing him home safely to my two young children means so much more than you could ever know.” – Jana Alley

“I called at 7 pm on a Sunday night expecting to get an answering machine and got a kind and caring vet who told me to come right in and he would look at my doggie, even though he had just returned home from a business trip.

He and his wife run a vet clinic with a very country and homey feel to it. Kindly answered any questions I had, and made me feel like my dog was going to be okay. – Taken from Yelp

“My 22 year old sweet mare Cielo, has always had dental problems. Her sweet nature would disappear when anyone tried to get into her mouth to perform dentistry even under heavy sedation. Dr. Vetter was recommended to me and since no other vets would come for this purpose, I called him.

He looked at her and told me that he had an idea what was wrong. We loaded her into his dental trailer and although I expected the normal fireworks, I was astonished as he was able to quietly load her, put her into a gentle sleep with IV sedation and accomplish all the dentistry with no stress to her or me. Cielo was comfortable, unafraid and quiet.
Two years later, several teeth had become abscessed to the point of needing to be extracted. We took her to his hospital in Buckley where he performed two standing dental surgeries and then kept her at his facility through her recovery.

She was meticulously cared for during her stay at Foothills Veterinary Hospital. Cielo is home now and she feels so good her “clock” has turned back 5 years. She is happier and loves to go to work. Not one veterinarian, except Dr. Vetter, had recognized the infection and dental problems that she had for years that had caused her so much pain and then knew what to do about them.

We are grateful clients.
– Dr. Jean Nokes, Falconridge Farm, West Seattle, WA

““I got my power steering back! My 10 year old competition horse had routine dentistry over the years and I really didn’t think he had any problems. I didn’t realize how smooth he could be when his mouth worked better”!

– Viki Friedrich, owner / trainer Rocky Top Arena, barrel racing stable