Haul in facilities include our padded equine exam area and surgical stocks, 12 X 12 recovery and long term hospitalization stalls, and an outdoor 50’ round corral for nice days or horses that prefer to be outside. Large grass paddocks are also available to those horses that are here for an extended stay. The 70’ X 144’ indoor arena is used for lameness work ups and exercising on inclement days.

An ambulatory custom built 24’ veterinary trailer, fully equipped and ready for general outcall or equine dental needs is an addition to our available facilities. This roomy, padded trailer is also a very safe place to work on alpacas, llamas and other small farm animals.

A great advantage to our practice is our haul in facilities. The veterinarian and/or staff is nearby 24 hours to monitor and treat the sick horse around the clock which can make a big difference in the outcome. If an owner has access to a means to bring their sick horse into our clinic, we highly advise it. If not, give us a call, we might be able to suggest something.

In contrast to hauling a sick horse in, treating on an outcall basis denies the horse the opportunity of constant supervision and often lifesaving and/or pain mediating treatment when needed. There is also the expense of repeated outcalls to treat a horse when they remain at the home premise.


Sheath Cleaning:
Necessary horse hygiene of the penis and prepuce. Call us for an explanation if needed.

Equine Dentistry:
A passion of Dr. Vetter’s, he has been tested and accredited with an Advanced Equine Dentistry Certification from the International Association of Equine Dentistry’s independent, multi examiner, testing panel.

Clients have told us that our equine dental practice is different from their other dental experiences. We provide client education so the owner knows what is being done and why and they see it. The sedation we use results in a quiet, non- dramatic experience for the horse. The padded stocks also provide a comfortable support for the equine patient to lean against while sedated.

Dental services include:

Proper balancing of the mouth, checking for and treating periodontal pockets, cavities, fractured teeth, painful mouth conditions, wolf tooth extractions and maintenance dentistry.

We don’t have different “levels” of dentistry like some of the other clinics. Every horse deserves to have a comfortable, pain free, functioning mouth. We put just as much time into making that happen for the back yard pet as for the Olympic level athlete. When an examination reveals that extensive work might be needed, owners are always brought into the decision making process.

Standing surgical extractions:
If there is a need for an extraction, our method makes recovery faster for the horse and it is less expensive for the owner. Call us for details.

Check out our dental website, www.perfequinedentistry.com for more information on equine dentistry.

  • Standing surgery of the head: Sinus surgeries, enucleations (eye removals), etc.
  • Medical boarding: For horses that need treatment and are difficult for owners to handle
  • Wellness Care (vaccinations and deworming): See our WELLNESS CARE section
  • Some surgical services: Call for details
  • Digital Radiography
  • Weight loss issues: Chronic diarrhea, “poor doer” … WHY?
  • Lameness Exams
  • Ophthalmology: Exams, treatments, enucleations
  • Nutritional counseling: What do I feed? How often? For what job? Vitamins? Ask us.
  • Geriatric programs: Older horses benefit from geriatric care as they approach their late teens. Geriatric blood panels indicate metabolic dysfunctions.
  • Geriatric dental work: Checks worn out teeth that can make chewing difficult and inefficient, resulting in weight problems. Undetected periodontal infections send bacteria to internal organs, taking years off of lives. Keep them healthy and they can be your buddy often into their 30’s.
  • Microchip for permanent identification
  • Cryosurgery 
  • COLD LASER HEALING AND PAIN THERAPY: A remarkable non-invasive alternative pain and healing therapy! Learn more about the cold laser (Erchonia.com) in our COLD LASER section.

It is a great benefit to both the patient and the owner to be able to have a facility where their sick horse can be kept, observed and treated on a 24 hour basis. Attempting to treat a sick horse at their home is a difficult way to provide the required medical attention that is often needed throughout the night and expensive when multiple farm calls are charged to try to treat at home.

We also offer ambulatory services with a fully self-contained and equipped 24’ mobile veterinary clinic trailer and truck.