Dogs come in all sizes and shapes and temperaments. To insure their safety, we strongly suggest that they be brought into our clinic in a carrier or on a leash. If you will be needing our help, please call us from your car or notify us in advance. 360-829-0500.

Wellness and Preventative Medicine: Prevention is the key to good health. Our appointment begins with a thorough physical exam of the patient, which often finds conditions that the owner was not aware of. Our conversation will examine and identify conditions ranging from dentistry, nutrition, parasitism, internal medicine, and allergy, to name but a few areas of health interests.

Surgery including orthopedic (broken bones, stifle and hip surgery, amputations) soft tissue (abdominal, foreign body surgery), dental surgeries, spays and neuters.

Dentistry: See Small Animal Dentistry for details.

Laser pain and healing therapy: 
Our laser is the SAFE cold laser chiropractors have been using for over 20 years. We have found this laser to have astonishing results for healing and pain therapy. Go to our LASER section for more information.

Hospitalization and Intensive Care

Digital Radiography for full body exams

Digital Radiography for dental diagnostics

Ultrasonography another advanced internal diagnostic medium

In house laboratory, allowing us to expedite patient care and treatment.

State of the art monitoring equipment for the safety of our anesthetized patients

Nutritional counseling:From thin to obese; nutritional problems can be life threatening to your dog.

Behavioral counseling available:  Our resident dog trainer is available for behavior and obedience lessons. Call us for more information.

The Geriatric patient:
Pets can live longer lives today because of advances in supportive care. Our cold laser has helped many of these older animals with mobility issues. Geriatric testing identifies problems that CAN be treated. Talk to us about making your pet’s life as long and as comfortable as possible.

End of Life counseling and support:
It’s a difficult decision to make for a four-legged family member that you love. If you need to talk to someone about how and when to make that decision, call us. We’ll always make time to listen and offer suggestions if asked. We’ve been through this too with our beloved pets. We are not currently able to offer in-home euthanasia services.