Cats are special folks. They are very loving and companionable pets but they can also be very opinionated about their likes and dislikes. We have a separate exam room to help make their visit as low stress as possible for both owner and pet.

If they need to stay, they are often housed in a larger kennel, making room for more bedding and the ability to have “a den” for them to hide in if needed to be comfortable.


Bringing your kitty into our hospital:

We strongly suggest that you bring your cat into our hospital in a pet carrier.

Having your pet safe and secure in a carrier, makes your visit to the veterinary clinic more pleasant for both of you.  It is not fun for your cat to feel “unprotected” in the open and in the new surroundings.

It is much kinder if he/she feels protected and safe in the “new little den” that a carrier provides.

If you don’t have a carrier, our clinic has sanitary new cardboard carriers available for under $10.   

You can pick up one of these carriers before your visit or if you’re bringing in a loose cat in your car, please come in and pick one up to put kitty in  before you bring into the hospital.    


Our services for our feline patients include:

Wellness and Preventative Medicine:   A customized health plan for our patients help meet the pet’s health needs at the optimal preventative time.


Dentistry: See Small Animal Dentistry

Laser Pain and Healing Therapy: Our laser is the SAFE cold laser that human chiropractors have been using for over 20 years. We have found this laser to have astonishing results in the area of healing and pain therapy. Go to our LASER section for more information.  

Hospitalization and Intensive care

Digital Radiography for both full body and dental diagnostics

In house lab services providing faster diagnostic  results and opportunity to start patient treatment in 20 minutes instead of a day

Nutritional counseling: From thin to obese; nutritional problems can be life threatening to your pet.

Geriatric specialization and care:
Pets can live longer lives today because of advances in supportive care. Talk to us about making your pet’s life as long and as comfortable as possible.

End of Life counseling and support:
It’s a difficult decision to make for someone that you love. If you need to talk to someone about how and when to make that decision, call Kathy. She’ll always make time to listen and offer suggestions if asked.