It is important to us to handle pigs in a stress free manner. We have staff that is specifically trained to deal with pet pigs and facilities to work them in. We are involved in internal and external parasite control, hoof care, spaying and neutering, nutrition, behavior.

  • Spay: recommended at 4 – 6 months
  • Neuter: 4- 6 months
  • Dental: pigs have tusks that need to be maintained at a safe length.
  • Feet Trimming: Long hooves are common in domestic house pigs. The length is detrimental to not only their hoof growth but also the strain it creates on their legs.
  • Parasite control, internal and external: Sarcoptic mange is prevalent in pigs and should receive a frequent examination for the control of this parasite.
  • Overall health condition assessment: Looks at the pig and assess correct weight, body condition score, attitude, condition of hair coat and more.
  • Nutrition counseling: Ties into the above, but despite some pig breeders counsel, these fellows have to eat nutritionally as a first condition, not to be eating poorly to keep a weight down. Ask us about your pigs nutrition counseling. (don’t expect your mini pig to stay mini)