• We are extremely proud of our dedicated team. We hire only the best and most experienced employees to become a part of our team here at Foothills Veterinary Hospital. Our team is filled with highly dedicated animal lovers who are well trained at their jobs. They will do anything possible for their patients and the owners who love them.

    Learning and education are very important here at Foothills Veterinary Hospital. We strive to have a state of the art hospital with a staff trained in the latest medical advances. Our patients deserve the very best veterinary care.

    Basically, our team is full of animal lovers. They make it a goal to treat each patient like their own. They give each patient plenty of love and attention. They are prepared to discuss preventative medicine so that every pet can stay as healthy as possible. They will also do everything that they can to make a sick pet feel better as soon as possible.

    If you would like to speak to someone on our team, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (360) 829-0500.

    Richard Vetter, D.V.M

    Dr. Vetter graduated from WSU College of Veterinary Medicine in 1975.

    He practiced in a mixed practice in Montesano, WA, for several years, then moved to Bend, OR until the mid-’80s, owning a large animal/predominately equine practice.

    He moved with his family to Chehalis, WA where he worked with the WSDA as an Area State Veterinarian and with the US Equestrian Federation. Since 1986, he has also had a large animal/equine mobile veterinary practice.

    He began directing his interests and continuing education opportunities toward the specialty of Veterinary Equine Dentistry in 1996. Over the years, he has taken advantage of opportunities to study from international leaders in the field of Advanced Equine Dentistry and continues to do so.

    Dr. Vetter has been tested and accredited by the International Assoc. of Equine Dentistry, which is a formal testing/peer review of knowledge and technique. Requirements include hands on mentoring, review of documented cases and continuing education. He now mentors and trains other veterinarians interested in attaining IAED certification and/or achieving higher levels of expertise in equine dentistry.

    Dr. Vetter’s continuing education and affiliation interests include:

    • International Association of Equine Dentistry: yearly continuing education meetings (CE) and hands on lab training and testing.
    • American Assoc of Equine Practitioners (AAEP): yearly CE and lab training.
    • American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS): yearly meetings.
    • American Veterinary Medical Association- Washington and Oregon Veterinary Medical Associations: (CE)
    • Minnesota Equine Dental Symposiums:
      • Meds II: Advanced Periodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics
      • Meds III: Advanced Equine Oral Surgery

    Licensed in Washington and Oregon, he is available to other states by arrangement.
    Dr. Dick Vetter is owned by several horses himself, and is a pleasure rider when the time permits. His trusty assistant (and riding partner) on and off the job is his wife of many years, Kathy.


    Jamie, LVT

    Jamie has been with us a year and is a very valuable asset to our veterinary hospital. She is owned by three cats and one Beagle, but I’m sure those numbers will change by the time I write this!

    Jamie is our head tech and is very compassionate with the animals and the people.


    Becky, LVT

    Becky is another very good licensed veterinary technician that we have. She is a hard worker, she is a mom of a little 2 year old boy and she is definitely a plus to our veterinary hospital. One thing about Becky though, she will never let you forget that you don’t know how to mop a floor. Ask me, my name is Kathy.


    Chancee, Asst

    Chancee is a very experienced Assistant and is also owned by a couple of critters. She’s a horse owner by heart, but currently is having to wait to get some place to keep one. She is very good at her job and we appreciate having her.


    Vikki, Asst

    Vikki is a “do it all” person. Currently she is an veterinary assistant and also pinch hits at the reception desk. She is also an equestrian. Vikki has done and still does a lot with her horses.

    Vikki always has a smile and she is very appreciated


    Kayla, Asst

    Kayla has been working with and for us for about 5 years. She’s a good one. We call her “Old McDonald” as she is a regular at the Livestock Auction, buying calves and chickens and goats to resell. Kayla also has been helping a mutual friend in the Christmas season, take the friend’s rented reindeer around to different venues in November and December.


    Kristy, Office Manager

    Kristy has been with us quite a few years and is helped out in various ways. Currently, she is our Office Manager and oversees our office duties.