We see big and little goats. Goats are fun folks! But, if you’re considering getting a goat, you might consider talking to us about what to look for and the responsibility of owning one.

  • Overall Health Assessment: This is very important when you first get the goat. Bring him or her to us as soon as possible, so they can have an overall health check. One of the primary things the Dr. will be looking for is Lice. Lice are a big problem with goats, even very young goats, days old. The lice are hard to see particularly under a heavy goat coat. They suck blood in quantities that will leave the goat very anemic. If let go until the goat gets noticeably weak, we can lose the goat.
  • Health care for males: This is another VERY important condition to be aware of. Male goats can and do create urinary blockages. They are very difficult to unplug the urinary canal and often are the cause of a painful death. Very important to understand this and what to do to prevent it.
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Neutering: 4 months usually (as long as you can stand a maturing buck around)
  • Hoof trimming on an as need basis

Alpacas and Llamas

  • • Neuter
  • • Dental
  • • Feet trimmed
  • • Overall health assessment
  • • Health care for the males. (same as goats) They can create urinary blockages. Very important to understand this and what to do to prevent it to keep the animal alive.
  • • Nutrition counseling