Haul in facilities include our padded equine exam area and surgical stocks, 12 X 12 recovery and long term hospitalization stalls, and an outdoor 50’ round corral for nice days or horses that prefer to be outside. Large grass paddocks are also available to those horses that are here for an extended stay. The 70’ X 144’ indoor arena is used for lameness work ups and exercising on inclement days.

An ambulatory custom built 24’ veterinary trailer, fully equipped and ready for general outcall or equine dental needs is an addition to our available facilities. This roomy, padded trailer is also a very safe place to work on alpacas, llamas and other small farm animals.

A great advantage to our practice is our haul in facilities. The veterinarian and/or staff is nearby 24 hours to monitor and treat the sick horse around the clock which can make a big difference in the outcome. If an owner has access to a means to bring their sick horse into our clinic, we highly advise it. If not, give us a call, we might be able to suggest something.

In contrast to hauling a sick horse in, treating on an outcall basis denies the horse the opportunity of constant supervision and often lifesaving and/or pain mediating treatment when needed. There is also the expense of repeated outcalls to treat a horse when they remain at the home premise.