• Overall Health and nutrition counseling: With this information we can determine vaccination protocols, nutrition needs and even behavior counseling. Among the health needs we look at, include:
  • Dentistry: We believe that the importance of pet dentistry parallels the importance of human dentistry. Our healthiest patients are the ones we see for routine dentistry.

    In the pet dental field, there are several different thoughts on how to do dentals.
    One is the non anesthetic dental. We does not allow a complete evaluation of the dental health. With this procedure the pet is totally awake and only the crown of the tooth is observed and cleaned just as we have our teeth cleaned.

    The other is the dental where the pet is anesthetized and radiographs are taken. This allows for a much more complete examination and treatment. The pet is quietly sleeping while radiographs are taken which lets the doctor become aware of the health below the gum. Infections and fractured teeth that are missed by only a visual exam of the crown, can now be found and treated. These conditions are often unknown by the owners, yet have been painful for their pet and even life threatening with the ongoing infection taking its toll.

    This is the kind of dentistry we do as we want to make sure that your pet is comfortable and infection free and is part of your family for a long pain free time.

  • Surgery: Our sterile surgery suit and state of the art anesthesia and monitoring capabilities, equip our veterinarians and technical staff the ability to provide a large range of surgical services, including spays, neuters, general surgery, dental and orthopaedic surgeries. We also do a lot of surgeries for our aged patients. Our surgical staff is aware of and are very careful to take the needed precautions for their needs.
  • Nutrition: Counseling addressing nutrition best suited for your pet.
  • Allergy: This is an often overlooked condition by owners, but is a very bothersome condition for the pet. In fact, an allergy specialist once declared it, a torturous experience for the pet. We do a lot of allergy testing and treatment and have found many of our patients more comfortable as reported by owners. GREAT!
  • Overall Health counseling
  • Vaccinations
  • Toe nail trims and anal gland care: For existing patients (state veterinarian licensing requires a health exam within the last 12 months) so we are not able to just do these services for a new client that just requests these procedures.
  • Cold laser therapy: All lasers are not created the same. We have been using our cold laser therapy unit for the last 6 years with incredible results. We use it for healing and support of mobility issues. Talk to our veterinarian more about the possibility of helping your pet’s needs.
  • Ultrasound exams: We have an inhouse ultrasound that we use in our diagnostics.
  • Radiology: We offer whole body and dental digital radiography.
  • In House Lab Equipment: This medical lab equipment offers us very important on site, immediate diagnostic information regarding your pet’s needs. With that information in hand in 20 minutes vs the next day for a “send out” lab, we can begin pain and wellness treatment before our patient leaves the premises. Better diagnostics mean better patient care and faster. Timely diagnostics allows timely treatment and timely treatment is more therapeutic and cost effective.
  • In the winter months, they will be in an exam room. We keep things quiet, big blankets, owners can have all the time they want with their pets and we work around them as to how long they want to stay with their beloved pet. No hurry

    In special cases, we will come to the pet’s home. Talk to the doctor or Kathy and we’ll see what we can do.